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About Us

Private debt and equity investment firm.

Coulton Creek Capital

Coulton Creek Capital partners with solid owners and operators to support their business growth and enhance their success. Established in 2013 to fill an underserved market, Coulton Creek was formed with the vision of providing capital to real estate and commercial enterprises looking to raise between $1.0 million and $10.0 million per investment. We now target Investments between $1.0 million and $25.0 million.

We are unique as an investor. Our Managing Director and investment committee members have built companies from start-ups through rapid growth and successful exits. We understand the challenges of growing a business and the desire to limit equity dilution. As a private investment firm, we have the flexibility to provide a wide range of solutions and the ability to move quickly to help owners capitalize on opportunities, accelerate growth, and preserve equity.

Operating Company
Investment Criteria

Coulton Creek invests in private lower middle market firms primarily through creatively structured mezzanine and secured debt. We look for opportunity-driven businesses led by proven leaders with successful track records. While each operating company opportunity is evaluated on its unique merits, some of the common characteristics that we look for include:

  • Gross revenue in excess of $2.0 million annually

  • Strong revenue growth with near term visibility to positive cash flow or stable revenue with positive cash flow

  • Unique collateral that may or may not be a balance sheet asset

  • Owners and leaders of impeccable character

  • Unique products or services

Real Estate
Investment Criteria

We partner with real estate firms to provide both debt and equity capital. Our focus is on income producing commercial, industrial, multifamily real estate assets, and unique or opportunistic development opportunities with above average returns.

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